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The Origin And Advancements Nfl Team - The Arizona Cardinals

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Tom Carmichael : Very light not thick & heavy. Nice bright color. My 3yo son loves them.
Shevon Lim : Highly recommend! From the moment you start reading you feel like you're right there in front of the author, you get what she's saying, you understand what she's feeling because you're feeling it too. I've only just started reading and already have a hard time putting it down.
*** UPDATE So I finished the book in just over a day in between watching my Twin Grand Babies, food shopping, chatting with the hubby and just chilling out after a long day. I truly feel I could have blasted through in one sitting it's such a page turner. I was born and raised in Maryland, but at a young age I was bounced back and forth between MD with my Mom and Jersey with my Dad and Grandmom. In my teens I decided to live permanently in Jersey. I'm a Jersey girl and proud of it and even if I wasn't one, I'd wanna be after reading this book. The book flows so smoothly and you are pulled in to Jaime's life from page one. Loved it from start to finish.

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